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Metafic is an award-winning agile custom software development company that works on ambitious projects with visionary and iconic clients from all across the globe. Driven by strategy, design, and passion, we work on end-to-end solutions for mobile apps, web, XR, eCommerce, and other software.

A global design &
development team that crafts powerful and exceptional mobile apps, websites & softwares

We are a team of experts that handle projects on many fronts. Additionally, our custom agile process puts you in the driving seat, reduces risk, enchances collaboration between our team and yours, and allows you to achieve even tighter timelines.

Trusted by great companies worldwide

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News: Announcing Metafic.ai, GPT & GenAI, on-demand for enterprises and startups.


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experts in the team across 9 countries

Solutions For Every Idea &
Every Stage Of A Product

Technologies & Platforms We Work On

Maximizing the potential of technology within your company is a constant process. You deserve a trusted partner comfortable with inevitable changes in technology.

Our strategic engagements offer the latest in consultative software development services vetted by real-world results. Our global team follows the sun enabling 24/7 services output that puts your business ahead.

Our product engineering members are industry veterans from leading technology companies.

Need a certified software development agency? AWS, Google, NN/g, etc, we got it all covered

Projects delivered on time


We have clients from 20 different countries and the products we developed, are loved all across the globe.

From Supercomputers Agency
To Niche Startup. From
Fortune 500 to local

Our Code Runs All Over The World.

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A recognized tech partner
that guarantees the performance

not just clients.

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“I have to say, that I am highly impressed with the team of Metafic. The way they handle challenges and organize all the processes makes it really easy to work with them. All the team members I worked with are experts in their respective domains”


CEO, coffeeXchange

Best Engineering Team

“The team is responsive and technically sound. They built our iOS app and backend on Python and designed all the algorithms. I would give them 5/5. Would love to work again someday.”

Ed Chatrapon

CEO, TitanUrban

Fast Updates

“Our team has worked with Metafic to create our entire platform. I love their efforts and a great intention to deliver the best output. They adhire to updates fast and have code pipelines set up already. Will surely work again with them.”

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In news: On the occasion of the Ram Mandir's inauguration, meet Dharma. Custom LLM trained on Ramayan. Know More